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The Winding Path of Persistence


Welcome to The Winding Path of Persistence!

I am a writer and former teacher, having worked as both a middle school ESL/Language Arts and high school World Literature teacher in North Philadelphia. I currently reside in South Jersey with my loving, supportive husband Matt, my rainbow miracle Charlie, our Saint Bernard Bailey, and our feisty feline Seraphina. We are currently in a cycle of IVF trying to bring home a sibling for our darling boy. We remain cautiously optimistic.

Following a long struggle with miscarriage, infertility, and several failed cycles, I finally conceived my son via IVF. He joined us in January of 2013, and I have been enamored with and inspired by him ever since. Subsequently, I was fortunate to serve as a Gestational Carrier for another hopeful couple experiencing the devastating pain of infertility, and in October 2015 their beautiful baby girl graced the world with her presence. This June 2017 we will continue our journey with a new cycle of IVF to try and bring home our second child.

A passionate advocate for Women’s Reproductive Rights and Infertility Justice, I continue to serve as a liaison and mentor for women struggling through their own infertility journeys and those providing the amazing gift of surrogacy for families in need.

Presently, I am working on a collection of children’s books and blogging on topics including Civic Engagement, Education, Infertility, Surrogacy, and Motherhood. My writing is inspired daily both by those I love and those I strive not to loathe. I remain forever in search of higher education, a greater purpose, diverse experiences, growing compassion, and a bit of perspective to place it all in context. Thank you for joining this community, and allowing me to share my journey with you, as well as be a part of yours.

Wishing you all PEACE, LOVE, & BABY DUST.

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