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Getting Involved: Local Representation & Accountability


Unhappy with the state of things? Feeling powerless? Get involved! Here are just a few things YOU can do to get started:

(1) Remember that WE THE PEOPLE hold the power if we hold our elected officials accountable!

(2) Find out who your local and state representatives are and follow them on FB. Many post regularly about legislation and initiatives that affect you and your community. Give them feedback! If you have a local rep as awesome as ours, Assemblyman Troy Singleton, they can give you specific ways to get involved!

Find your Reps.:…

(3) Organize or participate in local initiatives that seek to improve your community.
-Lead an after school club or program.
-Donate food, clothing, other needed services to the homeless and poverty stricken.
-Take a trash bag and a pair gloves with you on your morning walk and literally make your community more beautiful as you walk.

(4) VOTE! And assist others who want to register to vote.

(5) Attend town hall meetings or set up your own meeting with your local and state reps
-They ALL should have some open office hours–If your representative is blocking you out and ignoring you, VOTE THEM OUT and vote in someone who values the ideas and input of their constituents.

(6) Find a buddy or small group and pledge to each other what you will do to get involved! Hold each other accountable.

Need more ideas? Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out to me, and I will be happy to share what I’m working on and help you where I can.

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