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Battling the Bloat or Making Peace with It?


As if uncertainty through the infertility treatment process weren’t enough cause for stress and discomfort, the medication protocol can pile on the generous addition of headaches, bloating, cramping, hot flashes, emotional instability, and more. The last thing you need is a mental breakdown resulting from a casual stroll to your closet, where you are devastated to discover that nothing, literally nothing, fits comfortably around your waist. Sure, if you happen to have perfectly timed your IVF or IUI cycle with summer, you may be able to skate by with flowing dresses. But let’s be honest…you may not be in a “dressy” mood right now.

The struggle is real! What’s a woman to do? Improvise, that’s what!

My last IVF cycle fell at the beginning of a chilly spring. A strategy that worked famously for me was to bite the bullet and buy two pairs of early maternity/postpartum waistband pants, one pair of yoga pants and one pair of jeans. I also found that this served dual purposes in that it solved the discomfort of wearing pants that were trying devilishly to slice me in half, and it was a bit of rebellious optimism through my cycle, as I told myself I would be able to continue wearing these once I was pregnant. With all the money, we were already spending on the fertility cycles, what was another $20-$40 on relaxation and positivity. If money is super tight, like it was for us, fret not! There are fantastic sites where you can pick up maternity clothes on the cheap like Check them out. They are a budgeting lifesaver!

Wishing you all PEACE, LOVE, & BABY DUST.

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