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Journeys on the Winding Path: Virginia Johnson & the Rainbow Quad Squad


This week’s story comes to us from Virginia Johnson. We thank her for her bravery in sharing her story with us!

“We are The Johnsons and we had rainbow quads after battling with infertility for many years. We have a 2 year old daughter who is also a rainbow baby and she is the light of our lives, we always knew we wanted more children. We had struggled for many years with infertility, we started our journey in Oct 2011 and after a few months we had to stop as my anxiety got the best of me. We took a year off for me to get my thoughts together and started again in Oct 2012. We actually made it a whole year with no luck and that is when we decided to consult with a specialist since we have great family planning coverage. When we arrived at our clinic I did all the bloodwork necessary before starting treatment. Once they recieved my results I got an urgent call to go back in for more testing. Once I did that we discovered that we were in fact pregnant! The joy only lasted for a short amount of time as they discovered it was an ectopic pregnancy.

This led to my last tube being damaged and no longer useable. During my scan my provider noticed a growth on my bladder and ran some tests to see what it was. I was then referred to a Urologist to take over the results. Once my provider examined me it was deteremined that I needed emergency surgery to remove the growth. He then stated that the growth was a very low grade of bladder cancer. At the time I was not sure how I felt about everything as we just lost our first pregnancy that we worked so hard on and then to hear bladder caner. It took me many month’s to realize that this pregnancy was a blessing in disguise. If it had not been an ectopic pregancy they wouldn’t have discovered my bladder cancer and that could have taken one or both of us. It was Gods way of letting me know I will be a mother just not right now as my body was not ready.

After many surgeries and health battles we overcame infertility when our daughter was born in Oct 2014. We decided in the summer of 2016 we wanted to try again, our first FET unfortunately did not take with 1 embryo. Our clinic actually suggests 2 embryos in an FET cycle so we decided on that. On our second FET both embryo’s took! Up until 9 week’s we were under the impression that we were expecting triplets. After an ultrasound with our perinatal specialist they discovered the 4th one! That was when our pregnancy turned to an even higher risk as 2 of them share the same sac.

We were aware that the Quads would be premature as they were considered high risk. They were scheduled to be delivered at 32 week’s as long as the pregnancy continued to go with no surprises with the Quads. Our due date was May 25th 2017 and we delivered on March 29th due to preeclampsia sneaking up on us. The Quads are now a little over 2 month’s and their corrected age is 13 day’s as of June 7th. Try to keep the Faith and continue your journey as you never know when your dream will finally come true.–The Johnsons”

To learn more about the Johnson Rainbow Quad Squad, I encourage you to visit their FB PAGE: The Johnson Rainbow Quad Squad-Click Here.

Also check out this news piece, about the birth of the quads, by

Wishing you all PEACE, LOVE, & BABY DUST.

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